Healthy Snack Bin/Healthy Breakfast Programs

Sheridan’s Healthy Snack / Healthy Breakfast Program

2021-22 is our fourteenth year providing Sheridan students with nutritious snacks. Our healthy basket program, provides students who have finished all of their food from home with a small snack such as a fruit pouches, granola bars or crackers to keep their tummies full until home time. Pre-packaged food is available to any student in need and is handed out at the office or by a lunchroom supervisor.

Our Healthy Breakfast Program has also started up again and students have the option to choose from two healthy & delicious food options to start their day.

How are we funded?

Halton Food For Thought (HFFT) is an amazing organization which provides the main support for our programs. It is through hard work, dedication and a lot of fundraising that HFFT is able to provide us with the money to run our programs. HFFT’s mission statement is “to inspire children and youth to make healthy food choices vital to their development by providing inclusive access to nutritious foods throughout the school day.” Check out HFFT’s website for further information:

We thank you for supporting this wonderful program!